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CSR ‒ Made in Germany

Product quality and sense of responsibility

The German government is developing a plan for linking the motto "CSR ‒ Made in Germany" at international level with German trade and industry's product quality and sense of responsibility. The guiding concept of "CSR ‒ Made in Germany" underscores the high level of social and environmental standards observed by Germany businesses operating in the international arena. In the process, the global quality label 'Made in Germany' ‒ a proof of origin that was introduced in 1887 ‒ in combination with the abbreviation CSR will become a new quality label. more

Reasons for CSR

Good Reasons for a national CSR strategy

Society benefits when businesses take on responsibility. Taking on responsibility means providing in-company vocational training for more youths than are necessary for meeting one's operational needs. It means giving youths who are having difficulties a chance. Businesses that contribute to ensuring a strong and vital society which practises solidarity foster an environment in which they can operate successfully. more

CSR worldwide

German Business ‒ Global Citizen

The website CSR WeltWeit ‒ Deutsche Unternehmen Global Engagiert (CSR Worldwide / German Business ‒ Global Citizen) was created in 2008 at the initiative of the Federal Foreign Office and the Bertelsmann Stiftung foundation in cooperation with partners from the political sector, trade and industry with the aim of fostering corporate citizenship among German enterprises operating abroad and raising the profile of the socially and environmentally-responsible activities of German businesses. The initiators of this information portal were the Bertelsmann Stiftung foundation and the Federal Foreign Office. more