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The Federal Government wishes to help small and medium-sized enterprises in particular implement the comprehensive requirements and expectations for corporate due diligence in the area of human rights. It therefore supports various measures and activities through a wide range of institutions and contact points that provide information, training and advisory services on the implementation of human rights due diligence. The National CSR Forum ensures that information about what support companies need to successfully implement due diligence is continuously communicated to the Federal Government so that it can make adjustments accordingly if possible.

You can find both detailed information on the support services offered by the Federal Government and other places to get information, training and advice here. In addition, you can find a large number of general and industry-specific guidelines here. Further information can be found here.

There is also a special award for responsible supply chain management that has been awarded as part of the Federal Government's CSR awards since 2017. The award is intended to get a learning process in companies started. Each company that participates in the competition receives an individual evaluation of its activities in the field of sustainability. Further information on the Federal Government's CSR awards can be found here in German.