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Informing and reporting

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Companies should have information ready and, where appropriate, communicate that information outside the company in order to demonstrate that they are aware of the actual and potential effects of their business activities on human rights and that they are dealing with this issue in an appropriate manner. This information should be made available in a form that is appropriate for the target audience. Companies whose business activities have a particularly high risk of negative effects should regularly provide public reports. Both existing company report formats and independent human rights-related formats can be used for such reporting. Reporting obligations should not lead to disproportionate administrative burdens for SMEs in supply chains or companies required to provide reports.

There are many advantages to communicating in a professional, consistent manner. That can prevent damage to the company's reputation, save time and money and create long-term trust - with customers, investors, business partners and the company's own employees.


The Federal Government has compiled answers to frequently asked questions on the implementation of the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights (NAP). The FAQ is continuously expanded and updated. Currently it is only available in German.