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Busi­ness & Hu­man Rights

Business & Human Rights

About the NAP

With the National Action Plan, the German Federal Government aims to improve the human rights situation along global supply and value chains. Find out more about the goals, next steps, the development of the NAP as well as the topic of human rights and business enterprises.

Commitment of the Federal Government

As part of the state duty to protect, the Federal Government is committed to the protection of human rights. It offers companies support in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Corporate due diligence

In the NAP, the Federal Government enshrines the responsibility of enterprises to protect human rights. More information on the implementation of corporate due diligence can be found here.

Access to remedy and remediation

In the event that an enterprise abuses human rights, the state is under obligation to ensure accessible remedy and effective remediation when such abuses occur within their territory and/or jurisdiction. States must also ensure that victims of human rights abuse have access to grievance mechanisms and remediation.

National Action Plan

The Federal Government approved the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights on 21 December 2016. Please read here the NAP’s original text.